Saturday, 3 November 2012

What The Kids Are Saying About The Book

The greatest joy by far... apart from actually creating the books themselves 
comes from listening to and hearing from the children themselves.

A Girl In The World has been created to serve as a platform to share stories that 
encourage meaningful communication with children.

Stories that create opportunities for children to feel inspired to share their own stories.

Asking the children themselves about their hopes and dreams, their thoughts and feelings, 
can more often than not provide us with doorway into their world as they see it.

If we want to know what our children think and feel, what their needs and fears are 
and how we can best help them be who they came here to be?

Then taking the time, creating the space and providing them with the tools of communication 
and self expression the very best and surest ways to ensure that happens.

Thank you so much to all the children who have taken the time to let me know your thoughts and feelings about A Girl In The World, it is greatly appreciated.

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