Monday, 11 February 2013

Creativity, Dreams & Imagination

Creativity & Our Imagination

Creativity lives inside of all of us, the way in which it comes out to play may be as unique and individual as we are. Some of us have become acquainted with it some of us have not. We need to make space in our lives, in our selves for our imaginations to run free and our daydreams to unfold. Our creativity dwells there, and waits, sometimes aches and longs for expression.

There are those of us who have discovered and uncovered it by chance or desire, and others who have been introduced by someone who cares & understands enough to introduce them.

For some their life is such that other things are taking priority, such as survival and the constant quest for the meeting of their most basic needs, their time and energy is spent on getting by, leaving little time and energy for anything else.

Others have entrenched themselves in lifestyles where the accumulation of possessions are the highest on their agenda and that drives all of their decisions. For many the responsibility and busyness of taking care of others is their top priority, and they may fail to recognize that connection to their own self on a deeper level is an integral part of that.

There are people who give their whole life over to their creativity and all else  comes from and after creative expression. They live to create and create to live. Creativity is like a treasure chest inside of us, keeping company with our imagination. It’s there whether we acknowledge it or not, It exists inside of us whether we connect to it or not. It is a great waste to watch as whole lives are spent void of it for one reason or another.

Our dreams are the key to unlocking the treasure chest that is creativity. The tricky thing about dreams is sometimes they are hard to hold onto. Life can become driven by obligations to meet and agendas and priorities not really our own. If we allow it life can become one big to do list and days, weeks and years go by checking things off the list.

We can forget our dreams, but I don’t believe our dreams forget us. They have a life of their own, even if it’s buried inside of us.

They wait, and for some the wait may be a lifetime. For others the wait is until kids are grown and left home, until their career is established, or they have enough money, or until the timing is right or they feel brave and bold enough. Sometimes following dreams is about letting go of the life you think you are supposed to be living so that you can embrace the life you are meant to be living.

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