Monday, 2 July 2012

Thankyou So Much from A Girl in the World

THANKYOU so much to everyone who has supported our crowd funding efforts to raise money for the first print run of A Girl in the World. I look forward to getting your books to you ASAP.

Writing and illustrating a children's book is quite the adventure, one that I will be repeating...because I and A Girl in the World have plans to raise awareness for Orphfund and eco friendly trade and practices, whilst sharing as much happiness, hope, joy, truth, love and creativity as possible.

Staying true to the ethical and environmental considerations is not easy when the world supports cutting corners and trees in the name of greater profit, by supporting me in this you are supporting 
A Girl in the World who chooses not to take the easy road...
 but instead to take the eco friendly road and promote it all the way.

It is an eye opening experience to delve into the world of fair trade and eco friendly trade and eyes are open and I hope to continue to help open the eyes and hearts and minds of the children and adults.

We have a world full of choice available to us, informed and aware choices lead to powerful choices that make a big difference, encouraging our children to make informed choices leads to 
empowered young people...

Thanks again, much appreciation to you all xox

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