Friday, 10 August 2012

A Girl In The World goes to print...

Hi Ho, Hi HO it's off to print we go :-)

Hooray, I'm so EXCITED to let you all know A Girl In The World
is on her way to the printer and it will not be long before I am sending out the very first copies, of the very first edition of 
A Girl In The World.

Thank you again to all my lovely supporters and beautiful friends.
I cannot wait to get your copy of the book to you.

To those of you who may not know A Girl In The World...
A Girl In The World is story about a girl and and how she sees 
and feels about herself, and her place in the world.

A simple story about the ups and downs of life, 
remaining true to yourself and remembering to dream.

A Girl in the World lives with an open heart and open mind. 
She believes in the power of truth and looks forward to 
sharing her adventures with you...

You can purchase a copy of A Girl In The World from

And our website, feel free to visit...

and find out more about the who? what? and why?

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