Wednesday, 6 March 2013

On the eve of International Women's Day

On the eve of International Women's Day & in honour of all the Girls in the world for whom the rights of passage from childhood to womanhood are marred with paths of adversity...I share with you some of my writing from October 11th the Inaugural Day Of The Girl... and my heart goes out to you.

 Inaugural Day Of The Girl 11th October 

In celebration and honour of this day I acknowledge GIRLS everywhere, in every country and corner of the world, girls living happily and enjoying their lives, with freedom and hope and the many girls surviving their lives against all odds, empty of hope, love and protection.

All children are a gift to be treasured, loved and cared for. No girl or boy should ever be traded, sold, abused, neglected & bargained over. I am in awe of the many wonderful individuals and organisations championing the rights, freedom and welfare of girls and boys everywhere in our world.

It is not easy, or comfortable to talk about child abuse, of any kind. It is not certainly not comfortable to talk about the sexual abuse of children that is so openly perpetrated in this world. The child slave trade-sex slave trade thrives in this day and age. The slavery and trafficking of children is openly carried out in many countries, and closer to home than we’d like to think.

To all those in the women and men who give and risk their lives to fight the injustices and abuses of children around the world I am humbled by your journey and I join you in my own way, doing what I can in my life.

Silence and indifference screams louder than words. Our inability to discuss it and our ability to look the other way, because it’s too ugly and painful a truth to see, is fuel to the wide spread abuse, sale and trade of children, girls and boys across the globe.

We now have available to us the tools to unite and share information that can change lives for the better all over the world. Even if we ourselves cannot be in the arena where the battles are fought, there are so many ways that we can lend our voice and speak up and out for those who have been silenced through oppression, violence and fear.

We can make choices in our days and our lives that speak to the rights and freedom for all girls and boys all around the world.

On this day, I acknowledge the girl in me. The girl who was once upon a time surviving her life and all that was happening to and around her, the best she knew how. Offering the truth of me, in respect for all that I have been through, all that I have learned and grown from and the wealth of experience I have to share.

I am no longer willing or able to be silent about many experiences and much of my childhood pain that kept me bound and suffering, long into adulthood.
The pain of childhood sexual abuse that was the driving force behind 

a great deal of self-destruction.

Nor will I be silenced by the fears and discomfort of others, about my truth. I choose to use my voice and free myself that way. I understand and respect comfort levels of others and their right to choose what they are able and willing to share of themselves.

I choose to speak out not only for myself, but also for those who have no voice. 

I speak up for those who are trying to find their voice.

Lets shine a light into the very darkest of places 

so that there is light to find freedom from it... 

Melanie lee - A Girl In The World

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