Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Girl In The World - Workshops

A Girl In The World is launching The Creative Kind workshops. 
Our books and workshops are as much about creating the time, space and place where thoughts and feelings can be shared, as it is about the books and stories we create. 

Creativity is the key and it's not a one size fits all. 
We understand that what inspires and nourishes one child may be very different to what 
inspires and nourishes another.

With the use of art supplies and visual journaling we encourage children to explore and enjoy their own creative landscape and find the playground within.

Providing opportunities that encourage and allow children to connect, 
understand and express themselves, this is vital to their mental, emotional, physical 
and spiritual health and growth.

Creating an environment that allows for the time and energy to foster in children the 
understanding and value of their importance in the world is enriching for all.
 It empowers children and validates that thoughts and feelings matter.

For a fun, expressive and hands on approach to creative exploration.
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