Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Vision for a Sustainable Future…Melanie Lee

My vision for a sustainable future is one in which love, kindness, compassion and respect for self, others and all living things is the foundation beneath everything that we do in our lives and our world.

Always when thinking of sustainability issues, whether its related to poverty, water, energy, air quality, wildlife, petro chemicals, heath, agriculture, food systems and wellbeing, the state of the ocean, the worldwide economy, deforestation, human rights, animals rights, the lack of sustainability focus and the loss of thriving habitats …whether its environmental or humanitarian…

I’m always considering the impact on the next generation and how little and ill prepared they are at every junction. For me, it always comes back to children, they are our future….and they live in a world where their future is being hijacked by the agendas of those who’s primary aim is to serve themselves and the financial bottom line.

I want to envision a world where children are not homeless, starving, no longer dying from preventable diseases, used and abused sexually, sold into slavery and treated as disposable as I know is the case in so many parts of the world both near and far. 

I want to live in a world where the rights of children are upheld everywhere in ever corner of the globe, a world where children are valued, and respected and have a voice. Where the rights of the child, the world most ratified of human treaty are not just words on paper, but actioned in every possible way throughout the world.

I envision a world where children are nourished, every part of their being is awakened and excited, explored and enjoyed, where education is a fundamental right of every child everywhere and that education full of imagination, creativity and innovation and is all about empowering them to be the very best human being that they are capable of becoming.

A world where all children have free access to an education that serves children and the communities they are growing into. An education that draws on the wisdom of indigenous cultures, wise elders and enlightened visionary leaders to preserve the environment and pass down ancient knowledge that benefits the world as a whole. An education that inspires children to learn and raises their awareness of their capacity to love, understand and care for themselves, others and the world around them.

I envision a world where children are connected to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and live their lives from that place and space of connection. That children grow in understanding that at the deepest part of their being everything and everyone is connected and what we do to others, animals and the environment - the world out there… we do to ourselves.

My vision for a sustainable world is a world where children are loved and adored for the miraculous beings that they are. A world that has children revered for their spirit, their innocence and their enormous and enduring capacity for love.

I dream and plan for a future where children are cherished for the hope and promise that they are and that they bring with them into the present, our presence and into the future. I envision children being bold creative inspiring capable leaders across all areas of humanitarian and environmental sustainability platforms. I see them creating a world where they are thriving and empowering all else to thrive in the process.

If we educate rather than shield our children from the inhumanity, injustices and environmental destruction involved in the challenges and issues we face in our world today, we open the doorway to the possibilities that they may in fact make very different choices in their lives.

If children knew the power that they held, if they understood the true cost of things, the production processes involved, where stuff comes from, how things are made and the cost to others, to other children in the world, to animals, to our planet…would they choose such destruction?

If one whole generation of children were empowered from the beginning of their lives to feel, to know, understand and take responsibility for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing, to comprehend that it is in their hands, and that everything they do, every choice they make has an effect and an impact out there…imagine what the world would look like.

Children are a gift, a force and the potential to empower them in a meaningful way is still so untapped. I have experienced first hand the difference it makes when we raise the awareness of our children as we raise them…

The Dalai Lama has said “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

I would love to see this happen as part of my vision for a sustainable future.


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  2. Thank you for your kind words and lovely feedback, much appreciation. I created the blog myself using all my own imagery and illustrations :-) cheers Melanie


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