Friday, 25 April 2014

Letter to My Children

Dear Kids,

For every time I said hurry up and I’m busy, I’m sorry.

Life is short, for some it is fleeting. 
It seems the older you get the faster time passes. 
Time a man made invention. 
Please do not allow it or the expectations of others to rule your life.

Feel free, feel the grass beneath your feet the wind in your hair and the sunshine on your face as often as possible, make it possible often, everyday.
Breathe, pay attention to your breath. Breathe life into everything you do. Be kind, the world needs more kindness, practice acts of kindness everyday. There are opportunities everywhere.

Keep an open mind and an open heart.
Never let others, even those nearest and dearest tell you who you are supposed to be. 

Be yourself.
It’s common to get lost in the crowd, rise above it.
Be brave walk out on a limb and stand there, even if you stand alone, stand with courage and integrity and you’ll be in great company.

Think for your self; trust your guts, your instincts, and your intuition. Never be afraid to ask questions and question the answers. Learning is a lifetime journey; feed your passions, live an inspired life. Look for inspiration it’s right there in front of you, it's all around you, it's everywhere.

See the magic in everyday moments and see everyday as a gift. Be creative; know that we are all born creatives. Find out what makes your heart sing and spend your creativity there and it will always replenish itself.

Nurture hope in yourself and others it is the gem of life.
Never be afraid to share your hope with others for life becomes bleak without it. For some you might be the only light that shines in their life on any given day.

Make mistakes, lots of mistakes. Fail and keep failing until you succeed. Failure is full of learning and hidden treasure. Remember to rest but rise every time you fall. Measure success by the love and respect that you have in your life, for yourself and for and from others.

Seek first to understand. Allow space for confusion it’s only natural but don’t get lost in there. Confusion is a great place to hide but do not park there.

Remember there is always an out the other side, of everything. Happiness, oh elusive happiness it’s not so elusive when we realise its right here now…If we choose it. Feel your way through life. Travel with a smile in your heart and share it along the way, it will multiply :-)

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