Monday, 9 June 2014

Melanie Lee Art

Greetings Everybody :-)

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I am primarily a self-taught artist. I enjoy the freedom that this gives me to explore several different mediums and styles and mix them together as I please. While I am a fan of study of all sorts I do find it to be somewhat frustrating in that often, what please the eyes and taste of some teachers dissatisfies others. 

It has led me to the conclusion time and time again that to follow my own path creatively is in my best interest. Life and its experience both good and bad, the world around me, my relationships with family, my partner, friends, lovers and adversaries have all ultimately been my greatest and most influential teachers. 

I find inspiration comes and goes and when it arrives, life is bliss and I get easily and happily lost in amongst my own creativity, ideas and passion. Inspiration has often snuck up and surprised me when I wasn't even looking for or expecting it. Often it has come via some of life's most painful experiences and when I have been able to draw from those times creatively my life and my spirit have been enriched by it. 

It has been my experience that art in which ever form I choose to create with or find myself exploring gives depth and meaning to my life.

Creativity lives and breathes inside us all and however it comes out to play may be as unique and individual as we are…

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