Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Moment

Can we speak for a moment? speak of what’s only true.
What’s true for you and true for me maybe entirely different matters.
Can we both acknowledge that, accept it and can we speak our truth.
Sometimes my heart wanders as if it’s searching for a lost part of itself.
It seems as if it’s searching for a memory that’s been left behind, somewhere, some place, some other time gone by.

If I speak of this with you, perhaps you may know what I mean, I wonder will you understand?
There are those who talk a lot, they seem to have all the words.
But when you listen closer there is nothing to be heard in all the noise they make.
I need a place and people where I can share my truth, even if it’s painful and most especially when it hurts.

I will no longer bury my thoughts and feelings in the underground of myself.
I can no longer ignore that I am waiting here for me.

I have met some so comfortable behind their façade of indifference and ignorance. There are those who would rather guard the pretence with the power they posses, as opposed to shine a light and expose their every weakness.
I fear not the parts of me that may bring me undone, for it’s in my vulnerability that lies my greatest strength.

Buried beneath the wreckage of circumstances that I once could never speak, lies a truth so potent with the power to set me free.
So can we speak for a moment, to speak of what’s only what is true.
So that you may feel your freedom and I will feel mine too.

Melanie Lee

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