Friday, 20 March 2015

Life On The Farm

Life On the Farm

Here on the farm I have indulged in some very special and precious days of contemplation and reflection, also known as wandering and pondering. These days are treasured for many reasons, but especially because for a long time my days were spent with two feet that hit the ground running. I remember that all the way back to childhood and throughout it.

I was the kid who got up at dawn to the sound of birds and was out of the house not long after the sun came up. I was the kid who wandered through the bush for many years and for a time all I wanted to be was Huckelberry Finn.

Prior to that  my happy’ness lay in to pretending I was horse running through the fields. We had a suburban half acre block. I was a small kid. Besides everything feels bigger when you’re little.

That’s kind of the way I feel here on the farm, like a little kid all over again and I’ve got a wilderness in my backyard…except I’m a lot happier than I was in my childhood and my world feels safe. If for any reason it feels like doesn’t I know what to do about it and I have love and support all around me.

I’ve long been an advocate for feeling your way through life. Our heart is our compass and allowing ourselves to be guided by our instincts and intuition is vital to connection to spirit. We rob ourselves, and others when we forget or ignore that. It never felt safe for me to share feelings as a child. I had no words to describe my feelings even if I had the opportunity.

That's why I co created The Creative Kind 

I have spent many adult years doing the soul work I’ve needed to do…Peeling away the layers of suffering, confusion and pain to get back to the essence of me. The love, light and joy that I am. To feel my life through life and be in touch with and engaged in what lights up my spirit is a beautiful feeling. When my spirit calls I listen.

The green’ness and nature of this place has healed me more than I ever knew possible and put me back in touch with my own nature. Nature has nurtured me over these last 18months in the most beautiful way. Surrounded on all four sides by forest and an abundance of wildlife, myself included. I am in my bliss and looking forward to sharing more about it all as it unfolds.

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