Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Girl In The World In Africa

So very happy to see A Girl In The World in the lovely hands of the beautiful girls and boys on the other side of the world...seems it's not so far away after all. Let's encourage our children to think globally and see each other as brothers and sisters of the universal family.

Children have the enormous capacity to understand what's fair and what's not, we only need open the discussion and then the pathways for them to help affect positive change :-) Some of the most inspiring stories of sharing and caring come from children living amongst and with extreme poverty....

There is so much to learn from each other. A Girl in The World looks forward to encouraging children to share their thoughts and feelings, have a voice, go below the surface, think of and connect to others, empathise, share kindness and take positive action where and how they can.

Thank you Steve Argent - OrphFund for taking it there on your latest trip, a journey to build Orphfunds new eco-built Orphanage. 

Please visit and take a look at the lifesaving/life changing work that OrphFund are doing and see how you can help support their work.

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