Sunday, 31 March 2013

Free Spirit

I have no religious affiliations, I am a spiritual being. I believe in kindness, creativity and connections. The foundation of my hopes for any and all work that I do with children and adults lay in the simplicity of sharing lessons that I have learnt through being conscious of my spirit and journey.

Hope, open mindedness, honesty, understanding and healing have all played most important roles in my life journey so far. When I think of how vital it is to share and teach children about spiritual philosophies I think of many including…

Open mindedness

We all have access to them, they are universal, the very essence of our spirit. Although they may or may not be taught as part of any religious beliefs, they are spiritual in nature. We are home to them and how and if we practice them in our lives often depends on being aware of them.

Whether with a little person or big person, sharing what I have learnt seems the same to me, I share according to the capacity and desire to receive, and according to the hearts intelligence and the minds openness, and all that’s good.

Rather than generating concepts that might obstruct or hinder my ability to share, 
I feel it is better to honor myself and share what and how I can whilst allowing the play of the 
Creative Spirit in the sharing.

I feel that there is a deeper part of our being that knows exactly what to share and how to share it, if only we can trust the love that is in us.

Melanie Lee


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