Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Centre for Sustainable Leadership

I'm very excited to be attending the Centre for Sustainable Leadership in 2013. An incredible opportunity to grow further in the directions of my dreams to be the change I want to see in the world. I look forward to inspiring others to do the same. I believe we all have within us a gift to be discovered, uncovered and shared with the world. 

Sometimes the journey, the treasure hunt is through some of life's roughest terrain, I have experienced this and found that no suffering has been pointless, no pain without growth and no experiences without lessons to be learnt from and shared, given greater meaning to it all.

Without a doubt my gifts and journey lie in sharing my adventures with children. 
What a joy! What a blessing...

I feel that we must invite children to the conversations that matter...Children are without a doubt the world’s greatest resources. They contain a wealth of enthusiasm, energy, curiosity and open mindedness that hold the answers to many questions and the solutions to many problems and challenges we face in our world.

Enabling children to become part of the solution and honoring their creative abilities to effect positive and sustainable changes within their own environment and the world at large, is an unquestionably necessary part of the answer in creating a world where they may thrive and feel inspired and hopeful about their future.

We need to restore in ourselves and others the idea and belief and feeling that anything is possible, not just for a select few of us but all of us.

There is an abundance of creative energy out there in the world, many with no clue as to the gift that they hold. Providing a platform where for them to explore and embrace it is vital. What this world needs is a wealth of creative people in every field working together to drive change necessary for the sustainability of the human race.

Helping children connect with their creativity has a profound effect on the way that they live their lives and in turn the lives around them...Let's invest in children!

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